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A short list of hidden Windows 7 hints
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July 7, 2016

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Location of the hosts file:


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A working firewall for windows 7 64 bit:

        PC Tools Firewall Plus v
         (change its extension from abc back to exe, then install)


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If in the process of trying to access files across the network, the files become inaccessible. Or, if the folders are accessible, but the directory contains the message "folder is empty", even though the files actually exist, then ownership of the files needs to be taken first.


        On the file's machine, first cd to the directory containing the files,
        and take ownership:

        >> takeown /R /F *

        then reset all of the file's permissions:

        >> icalcs * /T /Q /C /RESET


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To add sharing access in windows 7:

Adding windows network sharing credentials:

        control panel >>  user accounts  >> Manage your credentials >>

        Windows credentials >> Add a Windows credential

              Internet or network address:  (machine's name
                                                        as it appears in windows explorer)

              user name:  (user name on machine)

              password:   (user's password)

        finally >>>> hit:     OK



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