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How to create a starter skeleton project
in Adobe flash using ActionScript 3.0.

part II

A basic tutorial for importing images, and
adding objects to an Adobe flash file.
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January 4, 2009
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(for the following example flash files, we have reduced the stage size to 150x150 pixels)

Save the project file: (top menu bar) File >> Save.

Test the Movie file: (top menu bar) Control >> Test Movie.

Two windows should pop, as usual, the output text window, and the flash movie, with a rotating test object:

The rotating test object appears pixelated, since smoothing has not been turned on. The following will fix this:

in the library list, right-click on: test_image.png

>> Properties >> check >> Allow smoothing >> OK

Testing the movie file again, we should see a smoother rotating object:


(Method II )

Moving on with method 2, we begin as before by importing an image into the library:

Add the following image: test_image_2.png, to the \images directory:

test web image 1

(right-click on the image above, and
save the image to the
\images directory)

Then import it into the library:

from the drop down menus:

File >> Import >> Import to Library >>  

 locate the image file >> open

The next step is different from method 1. Here we create a script file for the class that will control the new symbol before placing the image onto the stage.

In the scripts directory, create a file and call it: Test_Object_2.as


Open it up in the authoring tool:

from the drop down menus:

File >> Open >>  

 locate the script file: Test_Object_2.as

>> open

Then add the following lines to the new script file:

      import flash.display.MovieClip;
      import flash.events.*

      public class Test_Object_2 extends MovieClip
            public var base_x;

            public function Test_Object_2()
                  trace ('Test object 2 is alive.');
                  addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, enter_frame);
                  this.x = base_x = 75;
                  this.y = 125;

            public function enter_frame(ee:Event)
                  this.rotation += 0.5;
                  this.x = base_x + 40 * Math.cos( this.rotation/10 );


The enter_frame() function for this object shows that it will rotate about its center ( this.rotation += 0.5; ), and move side to side based on a cosine function ( this.x = base_x + 40 * Math.cos( this.rotation/10 ); ).


continued on page 5


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