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A short list of linux xubuntu installation hints
xubuntu 16.04.5, xfce, volume 2

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February 2, 2019

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Desktop appearance settings.  

Listed here, for convenience, are a few linux installation hints for xubuntu version 16.04.5, and its desktop appearance settings.

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placing and fixing, the bottom panel:

            at first the bottom panel shows up like so: (with all the items pushed to the left)

            to fix this we add a seperator between the "mouse" icon on the far left
            and the first item on the task bar, as the arrow shows:

            then we modify the seperator to expand it,
            and then make it transparent:


                        >> set it to be transparent

            so then we end up with this:


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Desktop themes:


desktop themes are placed here:


                          ... /Aero-ion3.2/xfwm4
                          ... /Black-Night-Blue/xfwm4
                          ... /Breeze-Indigo/xfwm4


To find themes that might work, go to: www.xfce-look.org    then,

               download the archive   (it must be a ".gz" file, for it to work correctly)

               extract: with right-click of mouse

               select "open with Archive Manager"

               place it into a directory

               then move or copy to:        home/username/.themes

               then select a new theme with:

                   >> lower mouse icon >> settings >> appearance


Favorite themes so far:

                          ... /FM-Hud-Inspired/
                          ... /Loki-Inspired/
                          ... /Chaotika-Inspired/
                          ... /Eleganse-Inspired Lemon/
... /Minty-blue-Inspired/
                          ... /AeeZee-Inspired/
                          ... /KissKool-Dark/
                          ... /DeLorean-Inspired/
                          ... /DarkMin/
                          ... /DarkCold/

Currently using:

                          ... /DarkCold/


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Desktop Icons:


      The various icon themes are located on the machine at:   /usr/share/icons/

      Found icon themes online at:  www.xfce-look.org   (link: icon themes)

      Procedure for installing a new icon theme:

                   1. Download an icon theme compressed file from www.xfce-look.org, for example: "korla.zip"

                   2. Then use the archiver to decompress the file to a directory: "korla.zip" --> /korla

                   3. Then recursively copy or move the directory of icon theme's files to the usr share directory:

                               >> cp -R korla /usr/share/icons/

                            for directories with spaces in their name, add quotes, this works:

                               >> cp -R "Breeze Chameleon" /usr/share/icons/

                   4. Now, open up the GUI settings, to alter the icon theme:

                              >> mouse icon >> settings >> Appearance >> icons (tab)

                   5. The new icon theme "korla" should appear on the list, 
                        choose it to change the icons on the desktop.

             An error may appear: "Warning: this icon theme has no cache file".
             If, for example, the error is for an icon theme called "zafiro-purple",
             then the following will fix this:

                      >> gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/zafiro-purple/


Favorite icon themes so far:

                          ... /Papirus
                          ... /Validus
                          ... /Breeze Dark
                          ... /Papirus-Dark
... /Tweak's Amiga Icons
                          ... /learning-to-fly     (Grey, from: palko-drawing.deviantart.com)
                          ... /Buuf    (slightly steampunkish, some missing)
                          ... /Black by Palko    (similar to: learning-to-fly)
                          ... /Black Win Oxy   (dark, with some red buttons)
                          ... /Glass v 18.04     (similar to learning-to-fly)

Currently using:

                          ... /learning-to-fly


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Window transparencies.


   general settings for all window transparencies:

            >> lower mouse icon >> settings >> window manager tweaks
                        >> compositor >> opacity sliders


   to make the active window transparent:

           >> lower mouse icon >> settings >> settings editor >> xfwm4 >>  
                      uncheck: [] zoom_desktop

                      now we can use:

                       alt + mouse scroll     to reduce the opacity of the active window


   window manager:     (this will alter the look and theme of the outer edge of the windows)

            >> lower mouse icon >> settings >> window manager

                      current style:   NumixHolo

                      new current style:   AeeZee-Inspired    (sets a green outline to the active window)

                      title alignment:    Left

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Terminal box settings.


   terminal text color:

           right-click in terminal window >> Prefrences >> Colors (tab)

                 Text color:   
                                      #8F8DFF             (a light violet) 
                                      #ABA9FF            (lighter violet)
                                      #C6C5FE            (kind of pink)
                                      #9E993FF           (more violet, currently using this one)

                 original background color:    #131926      (a dark grey, not black)
                 using background color:       #10131A      (darker grey)

                 original cursor color:    #0F4999          (aqua-blue)
                 new cursor color:        #0242E0          (blue)

                 original text selection background color:    #163B59          (pale-aqua)
                 new text selection background color:        #4300A4          (purple)

   text font:

           original text font:   DejaVu Sans Mono Book      size: 9

           text fonts we like, because they look readable in the terminal box:

Free Mono size: 12  
Liberation Mono size: 11  
Monospace size: 10  
Nimbus Mono L size: 11  
Tlwg Mono size: 11  
Tlwg Typwriter size: 11  
Tlwg Typist size: 11  
Tlwg Typo size: 11  
Ubuntu Mono size: 11  

           currently using the text font:   Tlwg Typist     size: 12


           trying: 0.80,  0.85,  0.90,    ... currently using: 0.90

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