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How to modify some of magicjack's initial settings.
May 17 , 2011
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This article describes how to modify some minor properties of magicjack's PC application.

The modifications described here are:

     how to block the popup window,

     how to disable magicjack's voicemail, and

     deleting magicjack's desktop icons.
      (the ones that keep popping up upon boot up)

These alterations aren't really necessary, they don't affect its ultimate function, but they will make using magicjack a little more pleasant.


How to block the popup window:

Everytime a call comes through, magicjack's PC application window pops up. This can be disturbing in some occasions. Therefore, a small program was found to deal with this little problem, its called magicBlock. This is a free program and while running, this program will sit in the taskbar's notification area. And it will turn on during Windows startup.

There seemed to be one minor problem while using this program, and that is, a little sound would go off every now and then while the popup window tried to start but was stopped by the magicBlock program. Eventually it was found we could turn off this little sound by setting a windows sound "Start Navigation" to "none". That sound setting can found here:

   Start  -->  Settings  --> Control Panel  
            --> Sounds and Audio Devices  --> Sounds   
               --> Windows Explorer   --> Start Navigation


How to disable magicjack's voicemail:

This may have been the most difficult alteration to figure out, since there are descriptions listed online that offer a solution, but as it turns out they are old solutions that no longer work properly.

After much searching the only way to fix this problem was to download and purchase an application called MagicRingForever. It can be found at this website: tools.pcphonesoft.com ... It currently costs $9.95 ...  This program sidesteps magicjack's internal voicemail and makes the phone ring continuously, presumably until it is picked up or until your answering machine picks up the call.


Deleting magicjack's desktop icons:

We generally don't place program icons on the desktop, nor do we immediately place them in the Start Program menu. So we found it rather annoying when, on every Window's boot up, the magicjack icons kept re-appearing on the desktop and in the Program menu list. To remove this vexing problem we wrote a small script to remove these shortcuts at every boot up. It is placed here in a zip file:


(if you don't have the unzip application, here is an old working version of winzip)

This should be first unzipped, then placed into Window's Startup directory. Or, it can be placed anywhere on the hard drive, and then a shortcut to it can be placed in the Startup directory. The Startup directory can usually be found here (via windows explorer):

C:\Documents and Settings\user logged in\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Where "user logged in" is the name of the user currently logged into Windows.

At some point in the near future, we may encapsulate these script commands into a small program.


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