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How to connect the Razr v3 to the PC
and then add custom ringtones.
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November 10 , 2010
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This page lists some necessary information to let sound files be correctly recognized on the Moto Razr V3. ... and some troubleshooting tips.

Once we know that we can connect the phone to the PC, we can transfer whatever files we want back and forth. If the phone isn't able to connect, then start back at the beginning to get it connected.

Most recorded files end up as .wave files or .mp3 files, depending on the program and method that was used. But the Razr V3 cell phone will only recognize mp3 files, so we need to use an audio editing application to modify the ".wav" files. We like a program called Audacity. It is a free program and well suited for our purposes. To allow Audacity to export our file in the mp3 format we will also need LameXP. This should be installed at some point after Audacity is installed.

The Audacity program may ask where LameXP's dll file is located, it can be found here:

   C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins

and its called: lame_enc.dll

Once our sound file is loaded into the sound editing application we need to make sure to convert its stats to the following:

   Mono, 22050 Hz

   32-bit, float


With these settings in place we can export our sound file as an mp3, and it will be recognized as a good sound file by the Motorola Razr V3. If everything went well, we should be able to navigate to the sound file within the Razr's menus and play the sound file.





If the program complains with the error:

            "communication port not available",

then one solution is: while the phone is connected to the PC via the usb cable, and the Motorola Phone Tools is open ---> turn off the phone, wait a minute, then turn the phone back on. This may allow the phone to connect correctly.


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