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Web browser hints

February 6, 2015


Listed here are some hints for web browser settings.


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How to access files on the hard drive via the web browser:



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How to remove the adobe flash error message from firefox:

         This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated
                          Activate Adobe Flash

                          Check for updates...


To fix this we need to modify one property of the firefox browser:

at the URL type:               about:config

scroll down and find:             extensions.blocklist.enabled  

then set its value to:         false    (right-click, then hit "toggle")


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Adding styles to seamonkey's, or firefox's webpages:

Install stylish for seamonkey:



Go to the stylish website to get new styles:


Go to addons to manage them:

     tools >> Add-ons Manager

or, in the url: about:addons



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