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How to stop winXP from hiding start menu items.
December 22 , 2008

A certain property of the start menu in winXP will hide some of the "short cut" pointers to my programs. I tend to modify the start menu items to my personal preference, and so I prefer to have easy access to all of the programs I install.

This feature of winXP, will hide the infrequently used "short cuts". However, I tend to use the quick launch area for most of the frequently used applications, and so whenever I use the start menu I will be searching for an application that I don't normally use. In these cases winXP will hide it behind arrows on the menu.

After many years with this little property, the solution to this problem was finally discovered at the elder geek.

The solution is to turn off "Use Personalized Menus".

This setting can be found here:

   Start >> Settings >> Taskbar and Start Menu >> Start Menu >>
   Customize >> Advanced Start Menu Items >>
   (uncheck) Use Personalized Menus

   click "OK", then "OK" again.


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