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How to fix the fedora desktop

July 19, 2014


This is one way to fix fedora's desktop and make it usable. The following works successfully on fedora 16, it may also work on later versions.


       find and start up a terminal window:   applications --> terminal

       install yumex:    yum install yumex   (for later usage)

       install the Xfce desktop:    yum groupinstall "Xfce"

       then logout

       when logging back in: click below the user name and select "xfce"

       log back in


       when at the first log in, the Xfce welcome screen will pop up:

              "Welcome to the first start of the panel"
              Choose below which setup you want for the first startup

       be sure to select: default panel setting

       and NOT the "one blank panel"

       now the desktop panels should be adjustable,
       and the applications accessible

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      The following will ruin the log in screen and not allow the user
      to log back in:

            yum groupremove "Xfce"      (therefore, do not use it)


      If for some reason the Xfce panels don't start up,
      use this to start them up:
 xfce4-panel &  


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